How to play Jealousy by Queen from the 1978 album Jazz

Written and sang by Freddie Mercury is a mainly piano piece.
In this video we look at how to play this lesser known Queen track on acoustic guitar.

Chords taken directly from the Queen Complete Works Volume 1 songbook

The song has been released as a single only in six countries US, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and USSR,but failed to chart anywhere. The single was the first and last single of the band in the USSR. In the USSR B-side of the single was “Don’t Stop Me Now” but in other countries the B-side was “Fun It”. In 1980 the song has been included to the list of songs for 1980 Summer Olympics games which was celebrated in Moscow.[2]
“Jealousy” was penned by Mercury and features May playing his Hairfred acoustic guitar placing small pieces of piano wire under the frets to produce the “buzzing” effect of a sitar. This effect had already been used on “White Queen (As It Began)”, from Queen II. All vocals were recorded by Mercury.

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