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How to play Hang On In There by Queen which was a B-Side to I Want It All and one the extra tracks on The Miracle CD from 1989

I’ve taken the intro chords from the Queen Complete Songbook
link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyTffkcB5Wc

As there are differing opinions and options for how to play the intro.

Ive included guitar tablature to make learning this easier.

For me this is some classic Brian May guitar riffs interacting with the piano and a much over looked Queen track

This song was written by all four band members, and features May playing both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as keyboards, a job he shared with Mercury, who also plays piano. The song originally appeared as the B-side to the “I Want It All” single. In the song, Mercury hits an E5 twice. In the middle of the song just when the guitar riff comes and Mercury sings “hang on in there” twice, it is replied each time with a harmonised “hang on in there”; the first response are the multitracked vocals by May only, the second – a similar vocals purely by Taylor.

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