The Different Guitars Of Brian May


The Red Special Made for Bohemian Rhapsody Movie…


Queen guitarist Brian May is most famous for using his home made now iconic guitar the Red Special.

Over the years though he’s used an assortment of different guitars.

In the early years we saw him use Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.

In this video we look at the following guitars

Washburn RR V white Flying V from Princes of the Universe video

Guild 1984 Red Special from One Vision video

John Birch Red Special replica from We Will Rock You Video

1967 Fender Esquire from Crazy Little Thing Called Love

1978 Fender Telecaster from Live Aid 1985

Burns Double 6 used on Long Away

Gibson Chet Atkins CE used a Wembley 86 on The World We Created

Ovation Pacemaker 1615 12 string used on live performance of Love of My Life

George Formby Banjo Ukulele from Bring Back Leroy Brown

Satellite Strocaster from Play The Game Video

Greco Japanese Red Special from Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy Top Of The Pops

Guild F12 12 string

Guyton Arch Top guitar

Gibson Flying V

Guyton Transporter Guitar